Ok, so projects I have right now:

Misc (in Things these are tasks without a projects)
Shopping (you might use a shopping list, but a Todo-software is great for keeping those lists, and I can even add due dates if necessary and I like to keep things in one app)
Home : Have a look at (stuff I find in the net I want to look at when I have some time free and I am at my computer
Home : Household (tasks for cleaning the apartment etc)
Administration : Some stuff I have to do to get some money
Administration: Get a certain insurance
Administration: kindergarden (some stuff I have to do because of the kindergarden my son is visiting)
Administration : Library (inactive; when I have borrowed books from the library I add them here for a reminder to extend them or bring them back or some other administrative stuff is important for that))

Master Thesis: Library State Library (see Administration : Library)
Master Thesis: Questions (Questions I need to look into)
And I need to create some more sub-projects for this big thing which will need 6 months+ to complete; a simple task list won’t be enough

Work : Misc (Right now I have my work-projects in a taskpaper-file; no Mac at work and nothing to do from home)

Hobby : Podcast [upcoming episode]
Hobby : Podcast [current episode which isn’t yet published]
Hobby : Japanese Myths (some stuff I want to look into)
Hobby : ADN Client Feature Matrix
Hobby : EMUI (the podcast from this site – mainly a list with topics which will become projects, when I select one to realize)
Hobby : role playing session (have to do some stuff for that, too)
Hobby : niels.kobschaetzki.net (inactive; becomes active when I have to do stuff for this site)
Hobby : Podcast (when I have to do something for the Podcast from the first two projects in Hobby)

Someday : Goals (goals I set myself – usually only for the current month)
Someday : Games to playthrough (a list of games I want to beat one day)
Someday : Someday (stuff I’d like to do sometime in the future)

Reviews : Daily Review
Reviews : Weekly Review
Reviews : Monthly Review

Templates : Podcast [episode name]
Templates: Christmas cards (yep, once a year a lot of post cards and e-mails want to be sent out)
Templates : Doctors bill
Templates : Household (for the big weekly apartment-cleaning)

That is just the list of the current projects. Right now there are no birthdays I have to do anything about, the sub-projects for my masters thesis are not fleshed out and I just enter everything in my trusted inbox. And the reviews, start and due dates help me to keep focussed.

And this already is a mess in Things