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Manton Reece did a kickstarter for a software project on and a book about independent micro-blogging. I really like the idea since it means I can have a full feed of my (micro-)blogging on my blog and certain posts get cross-posted to Twitter. I do this via a plug-in because IFTTT just didn’t work for me. But I like this even better in the end. 

The process is a bit cumbersome because I have to add a category for the micro-posts and in the WP-app this means going into two different screens. I will see if I will continue using that way. But from my understanding everything should become far more easier when gets released 😀

Update: I am now using the iOS-apps Drafts and Workflow to post to Twitter and WordPress. It is less error prone than the plug-in way. 

By nielsk

I am a sysadmin with a background in Japanese Science and economics. Thus my topics are computers, Japan and economics. My favorite past times are pen&paper-role playing games and old video games.

With a couple of friends I also podcast about retro video games in German: Retrozirkel

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