My domain got deactivated

Apparently, the registry for the tld .space deactivated my domain because of a spam report.
Now I really would like to know what happened. I have only one server which sends out mails and this server is not an open relay, has only a couple of users and each one with a unique and complex password. Thus I doubt they got phished.
Other servers have mailing-software running but not exposed to the outside.
And the mail-server is an OpenBSD-server that gets all the updates asap (it is already on 6.3 which got released yesterday). So I have no idea what happened there. And that they deactivated the whole domain because of the spam-report means for me that I will get rid of it and need to get something from a more sane registrar.
Luckily I have a different domain for my servers than for my public stuff. Thus I could reconfigured the domain of my mail-server and was able to receive and send mail again.
This all happened btw on the night from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday. So I only noticed it pretty late and get bad support times. In addition the Whois-entry still works and the delegated nameservers have the correct entries. My service provider wasn’t notified at all. So it was hard to figure out what happened to my domain.

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You are right. Wrong wording.
Complex password: hard to brute-force
Unique password: if from those couple users got their password stolen on another site, it is not the mail-servers one
And the mail-server has a pretty unique domain name, so someone would have specifically

the user or imitate me to get the password (all users are family members and the user count is lower than 5 and I talk with all of them nearly daily). I should have noticed it

Very unprofessional registrar. They should under no circumstance do that without at least 3-4 notifications to the domain owner and or hosting provider. Also provide proof. And btw, spam reports usually go to the hosting provider, not domain registrar. Argh, this is full of fail.