So, I created now two additional mastodon-accounts for their local timelines on other instances. On my main-account my TL is interesting, but the federated timeline is just too full of uninteresting stuff

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  1. @hjertnes it is nice. I like the federated aspect of it but I wished I could have a client that lets me combine several instance-timelines into one, so that I wouldn’t need several accounts for interesting local timelines.

  2. @hjertnes now it gets a bit more complicated. Each instance has a local timeline of all toots posted. And you have a federated timeline. When you follow B and C the local timelines of B and C get pulled into your federated timeline (at least this is my understanding how it works)

  3. @hjertnes so it is ok if you follow B and C because you have then some local timelines in your federated timeline but it gets too much too fast imho. And I follow like one Japanese user and now O have tons of Japanese toots in my federated timeline

  4. @hjertnes but I am interested especially in the local timelines of and, both quite specialized instances. Thus I created accounts there, so I can just read their local timeline.

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