Is there any electronics-company out there that doesn’t let their workers in China and other factory countries work like slaves? There should be something like a “Fair Trade”-label but for electronics.

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  1. @nielsk great idea … something that should be in the fashion industry aswell … given that there are years of long documented problems there … and guess what … there is …. but how many people pay attention to it – even if they are aware.

    Cheap convenience in fashion overcomes all moral responsibility at point of purchase for most people … how else does ‘fashion’ survive.

    While we are at it … how about transport … the problems of Uber are well documented … no one can say that they haven’t read the issues around that company and yet when asked why they ride with Uber .. it’s ‘cheap’ and ‘convenient’ …

    So yes … great idea … but until people vote with their money and actions against cheap and convenient … the race to the bottom will continue … I mean if I can’t see the problem … so much easier to ignore.

    Back to Uber … the issues and problems stare me in the face … and they are still ignored.

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