I am searching a vegan alternative for milk (coffee and muesli). The first try worked in coffee for one or two coffees but I am already kind of sick of it :/
A mixture of an oat and soy drink called “Barista”. Next up: unsweetened almond milk.

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@nielsk Hiya. Alpro soy mylk blue top has a nice consistency. Rebel mylk is made from coconut and cashew – that’s lush for coffee. I do a blend of the two. I always heat the mylk first. I like it to be thick, that’s why I go for those two. Oatly barista is what all the coffee houses use these days. For your museli, try sprinkling a bit of Himalaya/sea salt on the top. Mylk+salt=yum.

@nielsk yes it’s true. Bonsoy is more expensive but it’s worth it. Same with Rebel (blue top). You pay for quality. How about using the alpro on the museli and treat yourself to a more expensive mylk coffee as you probably won’t use as much

@hollyhoneychurch I will see but 5-6€/liter is like triple or more in comparison to alternatives and nearly six time as much for milk. In that case I prefer stop drinking coffee from the Aeropress at home and drink it black at work (which I do from time to time)

@nielsk ok. Had an idea. If you make a latte, use 2/3 blue alpro soy and 1/3 coconut cream (the one you can pour). Cheaper than Rebel mylk and widely available. This will give you a yunmy thick creamy coffee. No need to stop drinking it altogether or going full power black yippeeee.