Is there any information what is happening in North Korea regarding COVID-19?

By nielsk

I am a sysadmin with a background in Japanese Science and economics. Thus my topics are computers, Japan and economics. My favorite past times are pen&paper-role playing games and old video games.

With a couple of friends I also podcast about retro video games in German: Retrozirkel

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@Ron no, just a personal interest. While in university I studied quite a bit about it thus I still have an interest but lately I am bad at following the news outside of what I get through podcasts and a local news-website.

@nielsk Somewhere and sorry, I don’t remember where, I read a very extensive article about someone’s trips there. Yes, several over a period of years! It was full of a lot photos, which were taken freely. The article was like a travelog. There were some pictures that wouldn’t appear in most travelogs, but I found the article very interesting. It was not scary, which is what I was expecting.

@Ron one of my Korean language teachers went several times there because he began learning Korean when there was still East Germany.
Read books like Nothing to Envy from Barbara Demick or Escape from Camp 14.
In my studies I dealt mainly with it in terms of international

@Ron relations with Japan because I did a masters degree in Japanese Science with an emphasis on politics and economics of Japan. Thus North Korea was always in there somewhere.

@nielsk When I was still getting a formal education, following whatever interested one and whatever was relevant to other things of interest was the accepted procedure for what one learned about. I understand this approach is no longer favored in some areas, so I’m pleased that you still practiced it. I had two very good friends who grew up in East Germany before the Wall came down. I learned a lot from them about their world, that was very different from the one I grew up in!

@Ron yes, it was a good thing but hard to do nowadays with the rules in place here. But it also meant that I studied really long. Doesn’t matter that much now but I always have a feeling that I need to justify why I needed that long to graduate.