Yesterday I started watching Veronica Mars. I am really enjoying the show. Is it correct that the meta plot-case gets closed on the end of a season? How much is left open at the end of season 3?

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@nielsk If I understand what you mean by the meta case, it is closed before Season 3, which is pretty well self-contained. There is a movie that picks up with the characters later and also a Season 4 that picks up with them much later. I liked everything (I’d watch Kristen Bell read weather reports for a season), but Season 1 is almost perfect.

@macgenie great. The worry with cancelled shows is always that they end with some story arc and you wonder “and now?”
But if they close the big case in season 3 and it is just character arcs then it is fine

@nielsk Like you, I try to figure out if there is a decent ending. I don’t watch any show that has an infamously unpopular finale. (Lost) There are two shows that have perfect finales in my opinion: Grimm and Orphan Black. I recommend them to everyone.

PS. Keith Mars is my pick for best TV dad ever.

Lost was a thrown-together hodgepodge from beginning to and and I loved it. Like Doctor Who, which I also love, it makes no sense, and attempts to make sense of it — and apply the same rigor you apply to, say, Star Trek — are futile. So yeah I quite enjoyed the ending to Lost.

Even Star Trek is not as consistent as fans sometimes make it out to be. You can see it obviously in the first season of ToS, when they hadn’t even invented the idea of the Federation yet.

I figure even if a show has a clunky ending, it doesn’t make the enjoyment of previous episodes less satisfying.

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@MitchWagner I never saw that show. I was not well at the time it ran, but I loved the way it sounded to be like, from other people’s description. But after a while, the people I know stopped watching it, so when I recovered, I didn’t see it either. Maybe some time?

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