I just checked the BMI for my size and 60kg with 1.80m is just over underweight? I would be only skin and bones if I would weigh 60kg…I cannot believe that this not already underweight. I would have thought the lower border would be like 65-70kg.

I wonder why Netflix used apparently a new translation for NGE. Maybe they couldn’t score the license for the original subs for some reason. And then the job was like: “Do it, 26 episodes, 1 week time max.” So no chance to dive into the subtleties but just rush it.

Netflix apparently didn’t ruin NGE for me. I don’t care about “Fly me to the moon” and always found it kind of annoying and I watch it with Japanese subtitles for the learning effect. So, lucky me 🙂

No, I won’t enter a thread about language subtleties in Japanese. I value my sleep and blood pressure more.

And I got several balls for cups and balls for really cheap because the magic shop wanted to remove them from the inventory. Now I can have a look at Vernon’s Impromptu Cups and Balls 🙂

I organized my magic tutorial videos today. It seems I do not need to buy any for the next decade or so. At least so long it will take until I learned all the stuff taught there (and a bit less when I take out the stuff that turned out not really interesting…)

Yesterday I got a scam-call from the Windows Technical Center regarding my computer. And today I got two more calls. But no time to let them “help” me with my computer.

I saw today Seoul Line 1 at the Grips-theatre.
It was awesome. And it seemed to be the special special thingy because Grips became 50 years old this year. The author of the original was there, the author/producer of the Korean variant was there. Exchange of presents etc.

I migrated my first hosts from checks via icinga2 + nrpe to icinga2 on server and host. This is so much nicer 🙂