I just found out that the minimum order size for custom neodymium magnets isn’t that huge (200€). Now let’s see if it would be cheaper than what I could currently get in the magic supply stores.

Dear developers: please not only add a target for “install” but also for “uninstall” in your Makefiles.

It is weird how anachronistic Sci-Fi appears when it didn’t envision on-demand TV like Netflix.
I am reading currently The Running Man. Quite a different setup than the movie with Arnie.

Ich wünschte es gäbe das Singular They im Deutschen. Werde wohl morgen ein geschlechtsloses Wesen in einer Rollenspielrunden spielen und frage mich welche Pronomen es bevorzugen könnte.

On Friday and Saturday I am playing the first time shadowrun in years. I’ve built a character but I am not really satisfied (troll mage with a bear totem; combat medic; we play in the AGS).
I am open for interesting character concept suggestions.

Mein Sohn hat mich gestern gefragt, ob ein von ihm gemachter Lego-Film noch hochgeladen werden kann oder ob das bereits nicht mehr geht. #no13

There is no decent translation for sleight of hand in German. I see no good way to translate “sleight of hand artist” because of this.

If you are into magic follow Asia’s Got Talent this season. Takumi Takahashi AND Eric Chien are both competing.