TIL: „The Ashinoko Skyline, a private toll road in the city of Hakone plays A Cruel Angel’s Thesis when driven over at a constant speed. The music is created from the vehicle’s tires due to specially built tarmac surface.“ (quotes from the Wikipedia)

Yeah, Cybereyes are coming

Why do they call it Libra and not Credits? Then we would be at least in accordance with SciFi-literature.

Magic books: why are they so rarely available as ebooks? I don’t have the space and I want to be able to carry them around all the time.

I knew FBSD has its problems but every time I read this blog post, I wonder what the devs think when they make the choices they are making:
FreeBSD – a lesson in poor defaults

Interesting thing I got asked from a non-nerd: Is it possible to remove the protection from an ebook that I want to buy? I don’t want that company™ removes the book from my device or that I cannot open it anymore for some reasons one day.

I just checked the BMI for my size and 60kg with 1.80m is just over underweight? I would be only skin and bones if I would weigh 60kg…I cannot believe that this not already underweight. I would have thought the lower border would be like 65-70kg.

I wonder why Netflix used apparently a new translation for NGE. Maybe they couldn’t score the license for the original subs for some reason. And then the job was like: “Do it, 26 episodes, 1 week time max.” So no chance to dive into the subtleties but just rush it.

Netflix apparently didn’t ruin NGE for me. I don’t care about “Fly me to the moon” and always found it kind of annoying and I watch it with Japanese subtitles for the learning effect. So, lucky me 🙂

No, I won’t enter a thread about language subtleties in Japanese. I value my sleep and blood pressure more.