My right arm hurts for a couple of days now. I think it comes from exercises in throwing cards. The little one really likes it, too ^^

Warum wird bei Bibi Blocksberg und Benjamin Blümchen die Schule und Lehrer in der Regel so schlecht dargestellt? Das ist der richtige Weg den Kindern Freude auf die Schule zu machen.

Mal abgesehen davon, dass sich „Digitales & KI“ anhört wie „los, los, die Newsletter brauchen immer zwei Wörter. Was passt zu Digitales?“
„Hm, KI. Da spricht doch gerade jeder drüber.“
Was kommt als nächstes? „Mobilität & Elektroautos“?

Der Tagesspiegel hat jetzt anscheinend Newsletter zum Thema „Klima & Energie“ und „Digitales & KI“ (hä?)
Die AGB sind die einer Papierzeitung. Kündigsfrist: „6 Wochen zum Ende des Bezugsjahres“
Mal schauen was sie auf meine Mail zum Thema antworten

Shin Lim released the morphing card trick he used in the AGT finale. It is $159 and you get apparently 1 single card. 😮
I hope it doesn’t break fast.

All-Access rockrolls me. I click on the „Wake up before you go go“-morning-playlist and the first song is this

Plesk: when the group psacln can write into your document root, it will put in there all “missing” template files when you change any settings of the domain. Oh and Plesk isn’t considering this as a bug because that group shouldn’t be able to write in there anyways m)

WordPress 5.0, block editor and nginx

I updated yesterday to WordPress 5.0 and wanted to test the new editor. Unfortunately it didn’t work like the beta (Gutenberg)-version before. After opening a github-issue and more googling today, I found the solution. The culprit was nginx and that it doesn’t work with the REST-API from WordPress with the configuration as it was documented in the past. Thus I had to change it and Stack Overflow saved the day again.

Here is what I did:


       location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;


       location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;

and add

   location ~ ^/wp-json/ {
    # if permalinks not enabled
    rewrite ^/wp-json/(.*?)$ /?rest_route=/$1 last;

So now I have only to find a way that h-cards work with twenty nineteen…