On Friday and Saturday I am playing the first time shadowrun in years. I’ve built a character but I am not really satisfied (troll mage with a bear totem; combat medic; we play in the AGS).
I am open for interesting character concept suggestions.

Mein Sohn hat mich gestern gefragt, ob ein von ihm gemachter Lego-Film noch hochgeladen werden kann oder ob das bereits nicht mehr geht. #no13

There is no decent translation for sleight of hand in German. I see no good way to translate “sleight of hand artist” because of this.

If you are into magic follow Asia’s Got Talent this season. Takumi Takahashi AND Eric Chien are both competing.

I am really trying to use Instagram because there are some cool magicians to follow there. But like every third post in my timeline is an ad and the rest doesn’t seem to be chronological. How the hell are you able to use that‽

It is weird to read a non-fiction book and know most of the persons from social media and how they talk, this having always the correct voices in my head.
Btw. read “Magic is Dead” by Ian Frisch
It gives a good look into the lifes of the “new” generation of magicians.

@help more of a big report: after migrating to a new iPhone and restoring from an iCloud-backup the app crashes when I hit “Post”. I needed to reinstall the app to make it work again.