I am really trying to use Instagram because there are some cool magicians to follow there. But like every third post in my timeline is an ad and the rest doesn’t seem to be chronological. How the hell are you able to use that‽

It is weird to read a non-fiction book and know most of the persons from social media and how they talk, this having always the correct voices in my head.
Btw. read “Magic is Dead” by Ian Frisch
It gives a good look into the lifes of the “new” generation of magicians.

@help more of a big report: after migrating to a new iPhone and restoring from an iCloud-backup the app crashes when I hit “Post”. I needed to reinstall the app to make it work again.

I really like the Cherry Casino. Unfortunately I have only one deck and black is expensive. There is now one with a green back. Still thinking if I get me a deck or two

Apparently every magician who is doing video-tutorials that you can only buy, tells in interviews how you have to stay away from YouTube because every tutorial there is crap anyways.

Now I need to integrate Mail better with org-mode. But mu4e isn’t as good as I remember, I don’t like the notmuch-interface and the perl-script I found for capturing from mutt with .org-capture does not work for me :/

After using Todoist for a while again, I am back to org-mode in spacemacs. With beorg and Working Copy I can sync with git with iOS. I also get more into using it as a note-taking app.