Oh, I just watched a gimmick presentation on YouTube, and noticed that at one step he just used a criss cross force because he messed up the trick. I am getting better. But I need to train routines and do some stuff in front of audiences #magic

Habe meine erste IFG-Anfrage auf fragdenstaat.de gestellt zur Kostenhöhe von der Plakataktion (und Website) von returningfromgermany.de Die Aktion ist mal wirklich schlimm und die Plakate bestärken mich im Wunsch mach einer werbefreien Stadt.

I noticed that for quite some time I didn’t use any micro-blogging site and just the micro.blog-client to post. Reddit keeps me covered for my net-entertainment currently and home and the popular feed refresh rarely enough that I „need“ to use it far less than twitter or mastodon