First session of Uncharted Worlds and the players randomly created 5 factions by rolling dice. We now have:

The Empire
The Federation
The Cartel
The Reich
The Colonists

I kid you not, it is a very dark and bleak future they rolled.

I kind of want a Rubber Ducky and a Bash Bunny to play around with it. But it is kind of expensive to have ‘em just as toys :/

Gibt es eine deutsche Übersetzung von Steven Levys Hackers?

What is your favorite way to handle todos and sync them between iOS and Linux/*BSD (thus a webapp on the desktop would be acceptable as well)?

I am game mastering tomorrow a session of Uncharted Worlds (switching from Traveller) and I couldn’t remember the name of the game only “something something worlds”. This isn’t a good sign, is it?

I am trying to figure out how to check which commands root ran on FreeBSD. auditd doesn’t work as expected…

lol…the whole Indieweb-thing shouldn’t be GDPR-compliant. When someone on twitter replies to me, it gets added as a comment to my website which shouldn’t allowed without consent from the user…ok…

Heute dann die Prüfung für ein Zertifikat zum betrieblichen Datenschutzbeauftragten. Mal schauen wie das wird.

Dropbox has at least articles about how they work on getting compliant with the GDPR until May 25th. Interesting.
But when MS looses at the Supreme Court, it all falls with Privacy Shield probably.