I got now a twitter to mastodon-crossposter recommended. Thus I’ll try that instead of the WordPress-plug in.
Btw. sending me messages or mentions on Twitter night have a huge delay in getting a reply because I don’t have any app installed anymore and get no notification.

Ich bin im Retroquiz vom Retrokompott an Madonna‘s Dickdarm Arcade Game gescheitert. Sachen gibt‘s…

It is so frustrating to see people doing backhand or tenkai-palms and they are so freaking fast. I can only imagine how much work it is to get to that speed #cardmagic

TIL: there are sites out there that do not look like the 90s but only provide sign-up/in-pages with http. Srsly? Come on!

Ein ganz netter Blog-Post warum man zu Mastodon wechseln sollte von Twitter.

I still can’t understand why DNS was a problem with my NFS when all hosts accessing the NFS-servers are in its /etc/hosts #freebsd

I still don’t like Debian. Don’t ask me why, maybe it is just that I am accustomed to Red Hat-systems and Debian is different.

What happened that I get suddenly new followers daily on my mastodon-accounts (interestingly on all of them, not only my main-account)?

My video game and book collection is already larger than what I could ever play through and read in my life. Why again do I still buy new games and books? A question I ask myself too often.

The kids have fun with good old games. Super Bomberman is still one of the best multiplayer games ever imho 😀