Nozbe is a polish service (so it is EU) but its servers are in the US and Japan. And Japan is surprisingly as I learned today not a secure country for storing data in regards to the GDPR and I bet they don’t have any corporate binding rules or Standard Contract Clauses…

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I am a sysadmin with a background in Japanese Science and economics. Thus my topics are computers, Japan and economics. My favorite past times are pen&paper-role playing games and old video games.

With a couple of friends I also podcast about retro video games in German: Retrozirkel

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Have you ever tried syncing data with iOS without iCloud or Dropbox? I administrate two Nextcloud-instances. But all those iOS-apps don’t use the new cloud location stuff and usually support only Dropbox and/or iCloud.

It works with documents, kind of. But everything beyond that sucks on iOS usually. Big advantage on Android tbh. There you often can do stuff with files on the local file system where you then can sync a folder with something like Nextcloud for example.

I use DS File with my Synology to download / upload / sync files. You can also use DS Cloud to sync entire folders. Both (afaik) are accessible as a storage provider for »Open in…« or »Open from…« in iOS dialogues.