Currently we are reading Harry Potter to the kids. Since we take turns in reading to them, I want to read the books completely again because I miss some parts. Those books are so good.

Deutschland, was ist bloß los mit dir? Schon wieder ein antisemitischer Übergriff in Berlin.

Auch wenn ihr nicht-vegan/vegetarisch unterwegs seid: schaut euch mal in der Bio-Abteilung bei den Veganer Aufstrichen um. Hab ich früher nicht gemacht, aber da gibt es so viele tolle Aufstriche.

I am skimming the just released Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition and it seems a lot better rule-wise than the first edition. Character generation seems simpler and forking/merging, imho the USP of the game seems to be handled far better. Nice!
Now I need to find the time and a group 🙁

This sounds fun:
Japanese Play-by-Postcard RPGs: Net Games

Wake me when R. Talsorian released Cyberpunk Red

I am still suspicious regarding Shadowrun 6th Edition. But I have no time playing P&P-RPGs anyway.

I can’t read a medium-blog-post because I used up my free membership-preview-articles this month. They seriously want to force me to create an account with Medium. I’d rather write the authors that I can’t read their articles because Medium sucks.