r/NatureisMetal taught me how often animals get eaten alive in the wild. And I always thought predators go for the kill. Nope, they just disable the prey and feast on it. I always wonder if and how much the preys brain does something to reduce the pain.

The first session went pretty well with the magic. The people liked it, I didn’t tremble and everything worked 😀

I am going to do some magic tonight. Wish me luck that everything works out as expected. I am always anxious when I try to mdo magic for strangers. But I hope that it gets better when I perform more often.

Wer zur Hölle war der Meinung „Stevia-Blätter“ in Teebeutel zu packen wäre eine gute Idee? Und das auch noch in Kinder-Teesorten.

Googles language recognition is really good: “Se Klön Wörs” becomes “The Clone Wars” as intended by the speaker who didn’t master yet English pronunciation.

And don’t forget: the sixth world already started. I am still waiting for dragons and the Great Ghost Dance didn’t happen two years ago. I am disappointed.