Is there a way to build a port in #OpenBSD outside of the ports-directory? /usr has only 2GB, is nearly full and building Lazarus needs too much space. Or should I just check out the ports-tree in my home?

What is the reasoning for having a low limit of how many open files I can have at the same time? What is the disadvantage of setting kern.maxfiles to 65535 for example? #openbsd

ZipRecruiter-ads in a podcast about The education and Training of an ISIS-fighter might not be the wisest choice I think.

Oh fuck. My one private CentOS-machine is b0rked. I have apparently nearly 200 duplicate packages and cannot update. WTF?

Thanks to an awesome friend who helped me debut and explained my problems, I could solve my CS-assignment after all \o/
Yeah, for awesome friends!

Is there a better graphical front end to gdb than KDbg? #devtools #linux

Ar least this time my brain found the answer to my question while writing the mail to mailing list, and not 5 seconds after I hit send…