This is neat: a self-built digital typewriter with an e-ink-display and standard keyboard

The problem with non-CC-RPGs: I do a lot of translation work for translating major parts of Curse of Strahd into German to have a better flow in my sessions and cannot share it legally 🙁 #dnd #rpg

I like it how it seems that each “kind” of magician says that their specialization is harder to learn than the other ones. 🤦‍♂️

Today I ordered the first time a brick of cards. It’s just cheaper.

Where do I get nowqdays high quality Unix-stickers in low quantities since closed shop?

Whey is cardistry and sleight of hand so hard? I am trying now for several hours to do a descent top shot and I get them right once in like 20 tries :/

And my current state of trust in card games is a serious “never play with people you do not know”