I finished Altered Carbon. This series is so great. Really great transhumanic crime story and it looks like my imagination when I read cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk stories. Can’t wait to read the books now.

And the next family member who will move from macOS to Linux when the current laptop breaks (actually it is already not upgradable anymore from macOS 10.6…) because Macs are just too expensive compared to used Thinkpads.

I’ve beaten now the clone in Wily Stage 2 in Rockman. This is a real hard game. No weapon refills between stages is evil.

Jeremy Parish in the latest retronauts-episode (FF VI): „There was a real quality curve to Square‘s 16-bit-output. Like they started out very good and you ended up with Chrono Trigger.“

Today a pupil in the school of my son told that his father had an old video game-console, too.

It is a PlayStation 3…

Dear iOS-game devs: I always look at the IAP before I download a game and when I see that there are only consumables to buy, I do not even download your game when I can’t figure out if I need those to have a playable game.

A podcast where the (remote) guest has apparently music running in the background…making the already mediocre audio-quality even worse.