Niels K.

My new laptop just got sent out. Now I really need to decide if I’ll try #Garuda or if I try to install #Arch with FDE, btrfs and timeshift. I can’t decide. #linux

Willow seems a fun series. Great, now I have two series to enjoy in parallel

Andor and Willow. Neat :)

Apparently Iran abolished its morality police…

Some cat-content in the evening

It seems that Houdini was a self-centered a-hole…

Oh. looks interesting (goodreads in federated with ActivityPub)

If you are interested in the life of one of the greatest magicians of the 20th century, I can really recommend “Dai Vernon: A Biography” by David Ben.

Parents can relate:…

Do your cats discuss with you as well?

Interessant: alte drei ???-Folgen kommen jetzt teilweise mit einem Disclaimer, dass in der Folge diskriminierende Sprache vorkommt und dass das problematisch ist. Nur finde ich auf der erwähnten Webseite nichts :/

Ach ja, das Beispiel ist der sprechende Totenschädel.

I want to get a private laptop and is really tempting. Even though I would need to switch for my private stuff back to Linux. I like the golden cage of Apple…

Or I get a cheap used Thinkpad like a T480. But on mobile I will stay with Apple for the time being…

Heute habe ich den Begriff „Ketchup-Veganer“ kennengelernt. Ich fühle mich ertappt. #ernährung #vegan

Why do those expensive Apple-products where they get 30% of every software purchase in their store show now in the AppStore ads everywhere?

So the only operating systems that are not showing ads are open source-operating systems?

(Not all though l, I know…looking at you Ubuntu)

Hm…The Daily does do ads for Qatar :/

It is astounding which problems I encounter with #Emacs on my Mac. It is the first software in quite a while that crashes regularly, then I am too stupid to use magit from time to time and today I needed a restart because Esc wouldn’t bring me back to evil-normal-mode.

I watched today “Hackers” with my kids. They loved it 😍

And I practiced magic until my hand hurt. I might have a blister tomorrow 😩

Oh, es gibt wohl eine neue Rechte Partei.

Davon kann es gerne mehr geben und ihre Wählerschaft unter sich aufteilen. Dezentralität tut gut in dem Bereich.

We should praise the staff of Tesla and SpaceX more.

Those companies didn’t become what they are because of Musk but despite Musk…

Substack with its “Subscribe”-pop up is soooo annoying.

I looked 5 minutes into Hive and it is far too picture-centric for me (I am probably just old). And I don’t understand what the pictures have to do with the topics.

screenshot of hive that shows the topic of science and tech with unrelated pictures. Science: the face of a woman and one with a switch. Tech: one with a man and headset and one anime-like picture of a cat-girl woth a keyboard.

Neue Verschwörungstheorie: die Letzte Generation ist eine False Flag-Operation der CDU/CSU, um von der Klimathematik abzulenken.

The highlight of the day currently is playing Mario Kart with my wife and aiming for the 100% (first: get all unlockables through Grand Prix. We just finished 200cc with all gold trophies; now it is mirrored with 1 star+).

The Dead South in Prague. It was pretty awesome 😄

Today I added another story to my sysadmin-war story-repertoir… FML

I am trying to get used to work in #emacs but when I have to switch between many files, grep for stuff to find the correct ones, it feels so inefficient in comparison to my tmux/vim/cli-tools-workflow. Somehow I think I am doing something wrong.