Does the CLOUD Act invalidate the EU-US Privacy Shield?

I upgraded two servers from FreeBSD 10.3 with php5.6 to FreeBSD 11.1 with php7.1. Now the application running on the servers is nearly double as fast but needs half the RAM and produces half the load. Astounding.

Interesting: I am dieting for only two weeks now and my heart rate at rest is going down according to my fitness tracker.

Each and every time I hear Trump speaking, I wonder if it is possible for this man to speak one complete and coherent sentence.

I did it! After two weeks of search I finally solved my NFS-problem! I was so desperate. It wasn’t the NFS and some people owe me something because they always derailed me from the real solution.

I just did a mathematical proof where I was unsure when I started. Then I read in the forum of the math course which made me uncertain what to do. I read more stuff, I was even more unsure and in the end I used a solution which feels like “that’s too simple; it can’t be this one”

I am the master of cross-posting and pretty desperate slowly but surely #nfs #freebsd

Bei eBay oder Amazon Deutschland nach „MiST Computer“ zu suchen, bringt nicht wirklich die erwünschten Ergebnisse…

Die Dame von der Bank hätte mir nur sagen müssen, dass sie die Persokopie wegen des GWGs brauch. Aber der Datenschutzbeauftragte hat wirklich schnell geantwortet nachdem ich ihm eine Mail schrieb.