Cardistry is damn hard. I can’t remember when I started something the last time and did progress so slowly.

Today I declared Podcast-bankruptcy and marked ca 650 episodes as played.

Netflix created one of the worst yakuza-movies ever and it is so eff-ing historically incorrect. Except the cars but not the amount of cars. #theoutsider

So I bought an epub from a series I buy regularly directly from the publisher. In contrast to the Amazon-mobis they are only watermarked, thus they are “freer”. One more thing I won’t need to buy at Amazon 🙂

Da kauft man mal ein eBook nicht über Amazon und schon macht der gewünschte Shop Probleme. Mal sehen wie fix der Support ist :/

I hate this “but my OS is better than your OS”
It might be news to you but they have all their merits and flaws. None is perfect, one might just fit your taste and priorities better. And maybe the other OS is just different enough that you don’t like it because it’s different.

Someone wants a password manager implemented as a shell-script implemented in C because it is more secure. Oo

I am now the proud owner of a Soroban. I am really curious to exercise with it.

TIL: prefix w brings up a pane-overview with previews #tmux