Niels K.

Yeah. I might have broken my toe yesterday in the jump hall ☹️

Thunderstorm right above us. Unplugged all the things…

Ich mach einen Shadowrun 6-Regeltest Mittwoch Abend. Wenn jemand Interesse hat:

Hier entlang:…

I was in a jump hall with my kids. I am old…

Ich überleg wegen Kosten und Müllvermeidung vom Systemrasierer auf Rasierhobel zu wechseln. Ich hab aber Sorge, dass ich mich dann dauernd schneide.

Wie schwer ist das denn und wie lange dauert es, bis man sich mit sowas sicher rasiert?

How the hell did I ever create pre-generated characters in Shadowrun? Just typing also all the additional info would be so much work.

I’d like to do a test-run (pun intended) of the rules and for that I’d need pre-gens for the players…

I wanted to try the plant-based whopper out of curiosity. And it is not vegan…

Well. Then I don’t have to cheat on my diet and can eat a better burger next time.

Dear OSM-navigation-app-developers, please add a) more than one route to my destination; give me choice b) a choice to reduce the number of turns c) a way to select: “no left turns” (that would be a unique feature which I’ve never seen in a navigation app)

Any recommendations for an OpenStreetMap-navigation app? I walk, use my bike and/or public transport (Berlin).

Do OSM-navigation apps even incorporate public transport in navigation?

Follow up to my last post regarding #Shadowrun: Deckers could still hack the commlink of a runner to get access to the data on it or the data the runner shares with their group through their commlink like audio and visuals (or change communications through them etc).

I think I just solved the “Wireless bonus”-problem of gear in #Shadowrun for me which bothers me since 4th edition. The gear just gets this bonus and is not connected to the matrix. Most of the bonuses were in 1e-3e anyway part of the gear. This nerfs hackers a bit, but well…

DnD Beyond spoiled me…

Puh…das gedruckte deutsche Shadowrun 6-Grundregelwerk im Pegasus Shop ist Stand 2019…aber man bekommt kostenlos die PDF dazu, wenn man direkt dort bestellt.

I forgot how annoying the shopping-part of the Shadowrun character creation is. Packs make it more bearable but still…

“Prey” is soooo good.

Shadowrun 6 - das erste Spiel bei dem ich den Onlineshop Anfrage welche Auflage man bekommt und welchem Erratastand das entspricht…

I think the #Shadowrun 6-team should have far more publicly communicated their ideas (maybe some blog posts) behind the rule changes.

And the supposed nerfing of magic is probably a good thing. In the last editions one of the major criticisms was that magical characters are so much more powerful than the rest - especially in the long run. With the Transhumanism-rule from the Companion it gets even more leveled.

After listening to some podcasts #Shadowrun 6 doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I even can get behind the idea of the way armor works. Now you can have the cool looking characters without compromising your soak so much. Suddenly Shadowrunners do not all need to be the operative-type.

Da versucht man jemanden UX-Feedback zu seiner Webseite zu seiner Veranstaltung zu geben und derjenige will scheinbar dazu nichts hören…

Woohoo, Fantastical and my Nextcloud-instances work together again. I had too many AuthTokens for some reason.

After my first week of alternate day fasting (1 day normal eating, 1 day max 500kcal), I have to say that I find it more tolerable for me than 16:8 intermittent fasting. Let’s see if I can keep up with it and if my weight goes down (probably not as fast as with calorie counting)

Cool. They dubbed Prey in Comanche.

There will be awesome food in a few moments 😁

Use ssh in combination with your Apple Keychain

TIL: you can add the passwords of your ssh-keys to your Apple Keychain. And you can load all your keys into the ssh-agent that have saved passwords in the Keychain. With a small function (I use fish), you can load them on opening the first time your shell. But that part should be easily adaptable to any shell.

You need to use the ssh Apple provides. which ssh should result in /usr/bin/ssh

Do this once for all your ssh-keys:

ssh-add --apple-use-keychain $path/to/your/ssh-key

and then you do in the future once

ssh-add --apple-load-keychain

and all your ssh-keys will be loaded without having you entering your password.

I created then a small function in ~/.config/fish/functions -

function ssh_add_keys
  ssh-add -l > /dev/null || ssh-add -q --apple-load-keychain

After loading your ssh-agent (there are several fish-plugins like this one: fish-ssh-agent), you add ssh_add_keys.

This looks in my like this:




When you open your terminal, your keys will be automagically added from the Apple Keychain; and this only when there no keys added to the ssh-agent yet.