Schade, dass der Checkpoint nach der Einführung der Premium-Variante ziemlich schwach geworden ist. Nun gut…eine Mail weniger pro Tag 🙁

I am reading a book where a radical government uses old laws against hate speech to bring enemies down that wrote things years ago against the people in the new government. Suddenly hate speech-laws seem far more problematic than “censorship” or “upload filters”.

Reading this, I think as well: Fuck Apple
The moments I know why I switched on computers. On phones the alternative sucks though :/

To whom it may be interesting: the EU-cards are Anyone Worldwide Souvenir (there are EU- and US-backs). Thus they have some brand-and collectors value. Getting a deck isn’t that easy apparently and below 40€ is probably impossible.

I didn’t know that there was a difference between cheap and expensive flip-flops. I have now some Olukai-flip-flops and they are really different.

The moments I really like Linux and Thinkpads: I just dd’ed my old ssd to the new 512GB-SSD, worked a bit of gparted- and lvm-magic and replaced it with pretty minimal effort. Welcome new free space \o/

Tamariz-stack: half is done more or less. Let’s go second half.
Even in the hospital I didn’t managed several quiet hours to learn it. Now I just do a bit every day and slowly but surely I do progress.

There is a new e-mail-client called aerc for the command line which is in early development but looks promising judging by my first tests: