This sounds fun:
Japanese Play-by-Postcard RPGs: Net Games

Wake me when R. Talsorian released Cyberpunk Red

I am still suspicious regarding Shadowrun 6th Edition. But I have no time playing P&P-RPGs anyway.

I can’t read a medium-blog-post because I used up my free membership-preview-articles this month. They seriously want to force me to create an account with Medium. I’d rather write the authors that I can’t read their articles because Medium sucks.

In the meantime the community of the aforementioned subreddit rehabilitated itself and useful answers are coming in 🙂

Asked a question on Reddit. So far 2 sensible answers, one shit post insulting me and one condescending reply why I don’t get my stuff in order instead of picking on thing I asked about.
Either it is me or pretty much any community I touch on the internet just sucks.

But all in all I get more used to emacs and using ansi-term works reasonably well. Except I have to switch between several servers or have to look through lots of logs and configuration-files, then tramp-mode just isn’t sufficient in terms of speed. Or my workflow sucks.

Oh, one more thing I miss is directory/file-tab-completion in tramp-mode. And it gets even more annoying when you switch to dired(?) and have then loads of buffers for directories where you were in.

The one thing I really miss in emacs are tabs for frames. I want several tabs with different window layouts. Having multiple frames for this is annoying.