• @muhh still not as good as the ones from the BSDs. Especially not the man-pages

  • @rom it is actually a question of priorities. And I am not sure if sustainability and having a fair trade-smartphone is more important to me than leaving the ecosystem I am invested in.

    I changed enough in my life to improve my way of life in those terms. So I am not sure.

  • @timapple see this: niels.kobschaetzki.net/2023/08/1...

    Not very helpful though

  • @timapple I’ll do. Still waiting for a response from Greenpeace if they can recommend some current publication.

  • @svbck Lunduke seems to be a nut case these days though and seems to have a personal grudge against Suse. So I am not sure how much truth might be in this blog-post.

    Well Fedora…it is backed by Redhat. So it is only a matter of time until it ruins itself.

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