@eazy Wärmepumpe ist da keine Alternative?

@muhh how do I imply ignorance? You are reading things into this what I didn’t write.

I wrote: how comes that these things happen to LP but not to 1P? And the answers could be:

  • nobody comes that far
  • nobody finds them interesting enough (why?)
  • it happened and they don’t know

@nielsk why are these unfair? Are they doing things better? Or are they worse?

I know that 1P can’t really answer them. Those are questions worth to ask though. Maybe LastPass does a better job in monitoring and discovery. Maybe 1P just got lucky so far.

@sod that page is mentioned as an example how to connect to the api with an application. I use it with another app

@help on help.micro.blog/t/third-p... the link to "see our help page about OwnYourGram" does not work