Yesterday I started watching Veronica Mars. I am really enjoying the show. Is it correct that the meta plot-case gets closed on the end of a season? How much is left open at the end of season 3?

systemd needs a rebranding. And Lennart Poettering needs aliases. If one of those two is attached to a project, there is just hate coming in, no matter if it is useful or not.


Using the official doom-logo definitely improves the look of emacs (using doom emacs)


That movie studios split up streaming services is such an asshole-move. No wonder piracy is on the rise again…

Contra „Please don’t theme our apps”

There is an open letter from Gnome-developers that distributions shouldn’t theme apps (icons, window themes etc). They acknowledge though that if you want to do it on your system but that is ok and that you are in unsupported areas then. The reasoning is that all theming in Gnome is only a hack since there is no theming -API and things can and will break.

I am a Linux-user and I am a Gnome-user. I like to theme my desktop and think that it is one of the great things on the Linux-desktop: I can make it look like I want it. Some desktops work better for that, some are not so good. Gnome is inherently bad for this. Regularly themes break with Gnome-upgrades. And I just couldn’t understand why the Gnome-devs just not stabilize how elements are called and hand out documentation. After all, gnome themes are stylesheets and graphics.

And theming GDM is really hard. I never really figured out how I do it non-destructibly.

Apparently it is not the intention of Gnome to be themable. I have to say that as a user I’d rather like to see an open letter from developers of GTK-apps that Gnome gets a theming-API than asking distribution develops to stop theming their apps. One way or another, you have to do the design work and if there would be a stable API, theme developers could use that. Then the app-dev would style her app, the theme-dev develops her theme and when there is a bug with a theme, you file it with the theme-dev, not the app-dev.

And Adwaita got a lot better with Gnome 3.32 but I prefer themes like Arc, Yaru, North and others more.

I hate map-making but this tool is great: Demo-video: #dnd #fantasy #rpg

How the hell did Rubio and Darcy not punch Jones in the face?

The great pie fight

A dream comes true: bugged hotel rooms. Seriously? Well, I don’t have the money to visit a Marriott anyways, so I cannot really boycott them ;) #alexa

I didn’t use this in a long time but apparently VimBlog still works for posting from vim.

Trying out a MicroPub-client with IndieAuth…

This looks interesting. Chatting just with a ssh-client

Thinking about a new cyberpunk-like RPG

For years I have a tabletop-role playing game in my mind that is roughly placed in the Cyberpunk-genre I want to develop. It’s WIP-name is Menschmaschinen (Humanmachines).

Recently I started thinking about it again. With the Apocalypse Engine there came several new Cyberpunk-like games up but not one is really satisfying me. The Sprawl is too much like CP2020 but has not enough cyberware, The Veil is a bit weird and uses emotions for attributes and Headspace is cool but definitely not what I have in my mind. Soon (hopefully) there will be a kickstarter for Sigmata which seems to be rather cool. But this also means that it will take some time until it will be released.

So, back to the drawing board. I have a general idea of the setting in my head but I am not sure what type of game to play with it. The game is set in the not so far future. There is a private elite that has at least as much power as nation states - be it the super rich or corporations. Most people are only gears in the machine. Maybe there are people who rebel against the system and try to leave it. That might create a parallel society like it is described in Walkaway by Cory Doctorow.

I am not sure if there is uploading - as in uploading the brain. Because I am not sure if the implications. Or maybe it is available but only in the lab like in the Nexus-trilogy of Ramez Naam. I am also not sure at what level artificial intelligences are. Are they only expert-systems or real intelligence beings. How powerful are they and how much can they learn?

I want to have Appleseed-like exo-skeletons because they are awesome. The question is again how available are they and can players acquire them. If it evolves around a group of police-wo/men then it is more probable than if it evolves around of people who left the system.

How available is cyberware? Is it easy to acquire and to implant or huge surgeries? Is it cool to have it? Cool enough to amputate your arm and replace it by a robot-arm? Is there technology available to improve the flesh without amputating it or heavy surgery? Maybe nanites that will regenerate you or strengthen your muscles?

Assuming I am extrapolating from today I see mass surveillance as a big part of the game. But the game should already describe ways to circumvent it. Otherwise players spend probably too much time with this part. What do people think about it? Is it good or not? Is there a lot of voluntary surveillance because people are still using some central private infrastructure or did they move back away to some decentralized infrastructure? Is this maybe one of the differences between people in the system and people outside of it?

What about hacking? There should definitely be hacking available to the players. But how to realize it mechanically? A mini-game in its own? Kind of like the dungeon crawl from CP2020 or is it possible to integrate it better into the main game. More social engineering, more automatisms?

What about 3D-printing? How affordable is it? How endurable are the products? What can you print? Only parts? Whole machines? Can you print food? Do they have essentially replicators? What resources are needed for it?

Coming to resources: what is the state of climate change? What are the power sources? Do we have fusion plants? Are we going complete as Sci-Fi with something like cold fusion? Or are we still struggling with old fossil energies and maybe even some blown up nuclear plants?

So many questions to think about and I didn’t list all I have. In the end is the question what game do I want to play? I could imagine the crime-fighting police group. Or a game about the people who left the system searching for resources and a way to rebel. Maybe two settings? One is playing the police-forces embedded in the system who solve crime and will regularly arrest people outside of the system because they are terrorists. And the other way be more Shadowrun-like. People outside of the system who try to make their living by doing anything. Or even rebel-campaigns where the big picture is to dismantling the system.

It is hard. I have to think more about it. My plans are to do some posts about possible mechanics in the next weeks, so subscribe to the blog if you are interested in following what will develop. I am not sure yet if something will come out of this but if it does, it will be Creative Commons-licensed and will be shareable.


Bücher und Manga günstig abzugeben

Wir haben Bücher und Manga günstig abzugeben. Alles für Selbstabholer in Neukölln (nein, der Versand ist nicht möglich); idR abends. Manga immer nur die komplette Serie. Alles ist in Japanisch, außer anders angegeben. Bitte einfach eine Mail an mich schreiben bei Interesse. Wenn jemand mehrere Sachen auf einmal will, können wir über den Preis verhandeln.



  • 攻殻機動隊. Burning City: 0,50€
  • 攻殻機動隊. Star Seed: 0,50€
  • ちゃの文化考: 1€
  • インターネットの著作権: 0,50€
  • 動物占い: 0,50€


  • キャラクターで作ろうかわいいおべんとう: 1€
  • 和の離乳食. 本物の味を赤ちゃんから: 1€
  • メタボリックなんかこわくない (mit DVD): 1€

Manga und Art Books

  • バガボンド (Vagabond) 1-20: 20€
  • Ah! My Goddess: 1-3: 2€
  • BLAME 1-10 + Noise: 10€
  • 最終兵器彼女 1-7: 10€
  • マグマ大使 1-2 (手塚治虫): 2€
  • Blackjack 1-5, 7-17 (手塚治虫): 15€ (falls sich Band 6 noch anfindet; kommt der dazu)
  • 1000年女王 (Queen Millenia) 1-3: 3€
  • Galaxy Express 999 (銀河鉄道999) 1-5, 12: 4€
  • セクサロイド 1-2: 2€
  • Born 2 Die: 1€
  • Tokyo Tribe: 1€
  • サイレントメビウス. Silent Möbis 1: 0,50€
  • Black Lagoon 1 und 3: 1€
  • NHKによろしく 1: 0,50€
  • アリキーノ 3: 0,50€
  • HAGANE Vol. 1: 0,50€
  • ダーリンは外国人 1-2: 2€
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-5: 3€
  • GOTH: 1€
  • 要塞学園 1-3: 2€


  • PSX-Spiel: 東京魔人學園外法帖: 1€


Sooo…wie bereits angekündigt habe ich nun Japanbezug und runtergefahren. EMUI habe ich in dieses Blog integriert. Eine Feed-URL habe ich noch nicht. Daurm kümmere ich mich, wenn ich irgendwann mal eine neue Folge veröffentlichen sollte. Es sind Projekte, die ich einmal mit viel Ambition gestartet habe und dann feststellte, dass ich eigentlich nicht die Zeit dazu habe.Kurzfristig habe ich überlegt auch dieses Blog wieder zu einem statischem zu machen, aber am Ende bedeutet das auch mehr Arbeit als Nutzen. Und es gibt eine Sache auf die ich warte, die mit Wordpress einfacher sein sollte.

Und so wie es aussieht wird mein neuer Job als Sysadmin bei einem Webhoster mich noch eine ganze Weile auf Trab halten bis ich mich in alles so eingearbeitet habe, dass es ruhiger wird. Komplexe Strukturen, die verstanden und beherrscht werden wollen.

Ich habe viel über FreeBSD die letzten Monate gelernt durch den Job. Vermutlich werde ich auch privat eine ganze Menge nach FreeBSD ziehen. Dieses Blog hier läuft inzwischen auch auf einem FreeBSD-Server. Aber auf dem Desktop fühlt sich FreeBSD wie vor 5 - 10 Jahren an. Der Hardware-Support ist lange nicht auf dem Level von Linux. Dafür gefällt mir die ganze Struktur besser, die Dokumentation ist viel besser und es gibt ZFS. Ich hab gelesen, dass die FreeBSD-Leute wohl häufig Apple-Laptops einsetzen und durch das fehlende Dogfooding der Hardware-Support im Desktop-Bereich nicht so dolle ist. Auf einem Laptop hatte ich kurz OpenBSD drauf, das ist auch sehr schick. Aber aus Gründen gibt es da halt kein Wine und als Virtualisierer nur Qemu. Damit wird das ganze schon um einiges härter. Als reine Arbeitsmaschine ginge das sogar; aber an sich brauch ich vermutlich den Virtualisierer allein um sowas wie IPMIs[footnote]eine Art Remote-Zugriff auf Server, wenn die Kiste gar nicht mehr will[/footnote] weil die alten noch komische Java-Wünsche haben. Aber auch OpenBSD fand ich von den Konzepten um einiges schicker als Linux. Und die BSD-Lizenz ist nun mal noch freier als die GPL, was sie mir schon immer sympathischer machte.

Und dann gibt es noch TrueOS, ein FreeBSD-Abkömmling. Der ist ganz schick aber leidet z.Z. an einem Bug, durch den Festplattenverschlüsselung und die Nutzung von EFI sich ausschließen. Und ich finde es müßig, dass sie OpenRC einsetzen. Nun ja, am Ende ist es aber nah an FreeBSD dran. Wenn das Festplattenverschlüsselungsproblem gelöst ist, kommt es vermutlich auf meinen Laptop drauf.

Der Retrozirkel kommt hoffentlich bald auch wieder öfter. Eine Folge ist schon aufgenommen und muss “nur” noch veröffentlicht werden. Ich hoffe Lucie ist auch bald wieder mit dabei. Nur wann ich spielen soll, ist mir noch nicht ganz klar. Vielleicht mal wieder mehr in der U-Bahn zocken…

Nun ja, es geht weiter. Altlasten habe ich jetzt eingestampft und das beruhigt. Weniger Dinge um die ich mich kümmern muss.

More privacy in your online life

Clickbait is everywhere. This time it is privacy clickbait called “How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour”. The article is mostly not about encryption but enhancing your privacy. The tips in short:

  •  Use 2 Factor-authentication You want this. If someone gets their hand on your password, they still need the second factor to open up your account
  • Encrypt your harddrive Even with computers you never move, you might want this. Just had a case in the family were a computer got stolen out of the home. With encrypted data at least the thief won't be able to take advantage of them
  • Turn on your phone's password protection Yep, 4 digits are worthless. Biometrics like your fingerprint can be easily copied[footnote]I am at fault here as well. The fingerprint-thing on the iPhone is sooo convenient[/footnote]. Watch this talk to understand why:
  • Use different passwords for each service When someone opens up one account of yours, they have all your accounts if you always use the same password. Use a password manager to make your like easier. I use Enpass but Keepass and 1Password are good, too.
  • Send private text messages with Signal Signal trumps Whatsapp etc. I prefer Threema though. And in the end I still use Whatsapp for some contacts of Jabber with OTR or OMEMO depending on the contacts. Jabber with OMEMO is actually quite good. But on an iPhone Jabber is not that great. Thus stick with Signal or Threema, both are available on Android and iOS. Signal is free and open source. Threema is independent of your telephone number, costs a few bucks and isn't open source[footnote]But it is audited and there is a way to verify your messages[/footnote]
  • Your browser’s incognito mode isn't actually private Yeah. That just hides you from other users using your browser. There's a reason why it is called porn mode.
  • Use Tor Yup, Tor will hide anonymize you better than most other stuff. The original article has tips how to use it on Android. On iOS there is Tob. If you want to improve your privacy further on your computer use Tor in Whonix. Or go a step further and use Tor in Whonix on QubesOS which gives you far more security than your OS or even Tails for even more privacy.
  • Use DuckDuckGo Yes, DuckDuckGo improves your privacy but unfortunately I have to switch too often to Google :|

You see, most of the stuff isn’t actually about encryption. Thus some further tips.

You might want to think about e-mail-encryption with S/Mime or GPG. It is a PITA either way. But unencrypted mails are like postcards. And there is still the metadata…so e-mail is actually not that good. But if you have to use mail and want to send sensitive material, use GPG or S/Mime. Btw. if your doctor’s office wants to send you something about your case via mail, it probably breaks the legal requirement concerning confidential medical communication. And this can mean jail time in Germany for example.

In addition: when you use backups, encrypt those as well. It is great when your harddrive is encrypted, when your backup isn’t. Same for USB-sticks you carry around. For those you want to use something like VeraCrypt

Are you using Dropbox? Think again, loads of unencrypted data. Use something like SpiderOak instead. I sync personally nowadays with my own Nextcloud-server and do encrypted online-backups with CrashPlan. And I think about using Tarsnap.

  • And some more privacy-hints at the end: pay with cash and don't use some card that will collect points for your shopping - those track you better than your credit card
  • when you use a Kindle know that Amazon knows what your are reading when and where you are in the book. I guess Kobo et al. are similar when connected to their service
  • Netflix and Spotify (et al) know the same about your movie and music-taste. But I guess books are more dangerous than movies and music. You rarely watch a several movies about how your government is a bad thing, how to topple it or convert to religions that several mad men are using for their cause.
  • log out of Facebook and Google or use an extra browser for them.
  • Use an ad-blocker. More privacy and digital self-defense against malware delivered by ads. I am using UBlock Origin.

I could go on depending on your level of paranoia. But that’s enough for thinking a bit about it. Oh, and read Little Brother[footnote]available for free on that site[/footnote] by Cory Doctorow for the reasons you want more anonymity in your life. Btw. I do not follow all of that advice by myself but I try to improve.

Ich frage mich gerade, ob ich eigentlich ein Impressum brauche? Inzwischen hab ich ja nicht mal mehr Flattr auf meinen Seiten.

The advantage of micro-blogging on my blog: I can correct typos 😄

The recent weeks I use Twitter far too much. It’s like a car crash and I can’t look away. So I deleted the client now from my phhone

Mein Telefon brauchte gerade Überzeugung, doch @me_netzpolitik fortzusetzen und nicht The Clash abzuspielen

Switched off Jetpack on my blog and activated Piwik #datafleesUS

Micro-Blogging from Wordpress

Manton Reece did a kickstarter for a software project on and a book about independent micro-blogging. I really like the idea since it means I can have a full feed of my (micro-)blogging on my blog and certain posts get cross-posted to Twitter. I do this via a plug-in because IFTTT just didn’t work for me. But I like this even better in the end. 

The process is a bit cumbersome because I have to add a category for the micro-posts and in the WP-app this means going into two different screens. I will see if I will continue using that way. But from my understanding everything should become far more easier when gets released 😀

Update: I am now using the iOS-apps Drafts and Workflow to post to Twitter and Wordpress. It is less error prone than the plug-in way. 

I didn't blog in quite a while

So, I noticed that I didn’t blog in quite a while and I need to change this. As always with a re-try in blogging I switched my blog (this time from static to wordpress) for reasons. I think I will never be happy with what is out there and I do not have the time to even think about writing something of my own. This post is quite personal - a bit about my diet and sports, my linux-travellings, retrogaming and pen&paper-RPGs.

What else is up with me recently. Well, after reading a book called “Fettlogik überwinden"[footnote]Conquer fat logics[/footnote] by Nadja Hermann I decided that I have to do something against being overweight. I was still far from adiposity but I never would have wanted to get that far. I didn’t already like that I had to start L-size-t-shirts and that my pants-sizes increased but I didn’t bring up my will to do something against it. After reading that book my mindset changed. I lost 10kg[footnote]ca. 20 pounds[/footnote] in ca. 3 months and build up some muscles as well. Now I officially ended the diet but I still want to get down to a weight that I am jacked. Thus I still have to do something about it but after 3 months I already don’t want to count calories anymore and weigh all the food I eat. I am trying now intermittent fasting in a 16/8-rhythm. 16 hours of fasting a day (from 10pm to 2pm) and 8 hours of feeding. Last week I definitely snacked too much in the feeding time, this week I’ll try to reduce that.

In addition my sports-activities radically changed. A couple of years ago I went up to four times a week to karate-training. But after I got a minor injury in a competition, then my second child was born and so I didn’t went to training at all for ca 2.5 years. In the meantime I tried several bodyweight-programs but nothing for very long. And half a year ago I started going to Karate-training again once a week. Shortly after starting the diet though this completely changed. Now I am going to training twice a week, I go running 2-3 times a week and do bodyweight-training two or three times a week. Thus it is now 5-6 times a week sports for me and sometimes even on every day while one day involves very light training. I kind of have to make now training plans for myself. This whole thing takes up a lot of time even when my running/bodyweight-sessions are only 30-90 minutes[footnote]Karate is always longer: 90 minutes training + the ways to the dojo, changing and showering. So it is more like 3 - 4 hours.[/footnote]. This also means that I do not have that much time doing something else in my leisure time. I am not sure yet how I feel about this. My body likes it and it is better than watching Netflix and reading Twitter all evening.

I also changed operating systems in the meantime. You might remember me posting about Manjaro, Arch and Fedora. In the meantime used Qubes for a couple of months. It was great and probably secure but it had its flaws. For one I couldn’t get my optical drive working in the way I need it to because of technical limitations because of the security features of Qubes. And there was always a bit of a mental overhead where I want/have to do what. So I abandoned it. But I didn’t want to fiddle that much because my amount of free time is limited and so I gave Ubuntu another try. After my pretty bad experiences with 15.10, 16.04 is great. I installed it, the installer supports now even full disk encryption, and everything worked. No fiddling, nothing. It just worked. And it is still working. I am enjoying Unity[footnote]the default desktop environment[/footnote], play around with some other stuff and have so far no problems at all. I am surprised. This is the most Mac-like experience I ever had with Linux.

Podcasting is happening not a lot lately. Japanbezug, a German podcast about Japan I was doing, just needs too much time per episode. I don’t see me doing anything with it in the next months or even years. EMUI, the podcast accompanying this blog, is not doing anything either. I just don’t feel like podcasting at the moment. But I miss doing regular Retrozirkel-episodes. This has more to do with scheduling issues. The next episode will come.

I expanded my retrogames-collection by some nice titles and bought a GB Boy Colour. A Gameboy Color-clone with a backlit-screen. It is really excellent.

And I found a way to organize my collection better. Gameboy and Gameboy Advance-games are now in binders and I use the sheets used by trading card gamers to put the games in the binder. 9 GB-games per page or 18 GBA-games. For my NDS-games I find nice boxes by Hori which hold 24 games per box. gba_smallgb_small

Right now I am playing Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. A really nice RPG where you play Mario, Luigi and Bowser. But where I liked in the past when games were long, it is now a bit harder. Usually I play now only while commuting and so it is like 20-30 minutes per day. Luckily this game has a lot of save points but after 3-4 weeks playing I am like only half way through the game. I am already thinking about what to play next. Maybe Castlevania 1 or Super Mario Bros. 2 Lost Levels? Or will take the plunge into the Metroidvania-world and start playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon? I also have a lot of Zelda- and Advance Wars games I like to play. Problems I didn’t have a decade ago when I could play several hours a day…sometimes it sucks to be an adult ;)

And now to the last topic: pen&paper-RPGs. Thanks to a very good friend I was part in a short L5R-campaign with some great people. It was really fun. But I had to trade the biweekly RPG-sessions to have another day of karate-training in the week. And I want to get better in karate and go to competitions. Maybe I’ll find the time to play or run a one-shot from time to time. Especially since I found out about a couple of japanese RPGs that were translated to English which have some great concepts. I really want to play those. And I miss playing Shadowrun. At least I can read Shadowrun-novels again since the old ones get re-released as ebooks and from time to time a new one appears. My favorite of the re-released ones is Burning Bright[footnote]The Bug City-novel[/footnote] and from the new ones it is Shaken: No Job to Small. I can recommend both and I think even non-Shadowrun-fans might like them.

This post is now more than long enough and I won’t write about to-do-lists and minimalism. Maybe I post later about those. We will see. Have a nice day.