‪Srsly? A website dedicated to “The Art of Manliness”? Oo‬

Recent stuff I read makes me really think about what is the lesser of two evils: DRM in browsers or crappy non-cross-platform-plugins…

If I understand Homeland correctly Cory Doctorow thinks that P&P-RPGs are nerdier than LARP. I beg to differ. 😉

TrueOS made unfortunately too many problems on my T460 (major: no FDE with EFI, no suspend) so it’s back to Fedora. :/

I saw the future yesterday in the form of zfs in action and now I want the future on my laptop. So, let’s start doing a backup.

State of TrueOS on the X201: Netflix in VirtualBox (Fedora/Chrome) works, sleep works, hibernation not. But all in all it’s looking good

I just saw the future with the ZFS-snapshot-integration in the Insight-file manager of TrueOS

‪I installed yesterday TrueOS on my X201. And if I would want to go full time it seems that it will be a tough time in the beginning.

TIL: Thanks to the commit messages and FreshPorts FreeBSD has actually good change logs which I really miss with Linux distributions