What? OpenBSD has better laptop-support than FreeBSD? Oo
I didn’t expect that one.

This time I tried installing FreeBSD with 11-stable on the laptop. FDE worked but no 3D-acceleration, no suspend & a lot of work…

Nixon tried to introduce some kind of universal basic income? Oo

When a promising book talks about social experiments and you read about them before and the book tells only half the tale it’s really meh :/

Finished now Homeland by Cory Doctorow. It is the follow-up to Little Brother. I recommend reading it but it is not as “eye-opening” (?)

“Afterword by Aaron Swartz, Demand Progress”

This just fills me with sadness though.

‪”Afterword by Jacob Appelbaum, Wikileaks”‬
‪Interesting what that meant only a couple of years ago and how it changed. ‬

‪Srsly? A website dedicated to “The Art of Manliness”? Oo‬

Recent stuff I read makes me really think about what is the lesser of two evils: DRM in browsers or crappy non-cross-platform-plugins…