We should praise the staff of Tesla and SpaceX more.

Those companies didn’t become what they are because of Musk but despite Musk…

Substack with its “Subscribe”-pop up is soooo annoying.

I looked 5 minutes into Hive and it is far too picture-centric for me (I am probably just old). And I don’t understand what the pictures have to do with the topics.

screenshot of hive that shows the topic of science and tech with unrelated pictures. Science: the face of a woman and one with a switch. Tech: one with a man and headset and one anime-like picture of a cat-girl woth a keyboard.

Neue Verschwörungstheorie: die Letzte Generation ist eine False Flag-Operation der CDU/CSU, um von der Klimathematik abzulenken.

The highlight of the day currently is playing Mario Kart with my wife and aiming for the 100% (first: get all unlockables through Grand Prix. We just finished 200cc with all gold trophies; now it is mirrored with 1 star+).

The Dead South in Prague. It was pretty awesome 😄

Today I added another story to my sysadmin-war story-repertoir… FML

I am trying to get used to work in #emacs but when I have to switch between many files, grep for stuff to find the correct ones, it feels so inefficient in comparison to my tmux/vim/cli-tools-workflow. Somehow I think I am doing something wrong.

I am living in an apartment complex with higher rents than the rest of the area because of the ways rents are developing here. Like everywhere in the area there are happening burglaries in the cellars. Suddenly there is an “us”/“they”-discussion in the chat group of the complex…

Searching for a trustworthy news-site that writes about the decision of the Iranian parliament that 15k people may be executed because of the protests. And that the first “rioter” was sentenced to death and that virgins are raped before they get executed. What a world if true.

And so I start migrating back from gitea go gogs. I loose some features, but that is worth not using a software where developers hop onto the crypto-bandwagon. In the end I probably wouldn’t even need. a web-interface for my stuff. #gitea #dao

TIL: Cloudflare could be apparently really problematic in front of a German website

There are no healing spells for wizards in #DnD 5e 😱

I really hope the Cleric turns up.

Oh Misty Step and Invisibilty are options with a level 3-Wizard…but there is also Mirror Image and Healing Spirit…if the Cleric still doesn’t turn up I might go for Invisibility and Healing Spirit. #dnd

Oh Misty Step and Invisibilty are options with a level 3-Wizard…but there is also Mirror Image and Healing Spirit…if the Cleric still doesn’t turn up I might go for Invisibility and Healing Spirit.

I still need to prepare level 3 my wizard until tonight because a level up is coming up (DnD 5e).

Any recommendations for spells? #dnd

For being able to have a screenshot here… @help interesting - when I mention a mastodon-user then an old avatar appears in mastodon and not my current one.

Automatically pulling and committing/pushing repositories on app open/close with iOS Shortcuts Automations and Working Copy is pretty cool :D

The day starts good when you get out of bed and slip on cat puke…

The last days I looked again at org and org-roam and thought how cool those things are, but it feels a bit clumsy. So today I thought: be happy with the tools you already use and work for you.

And then I read a blog-post about mu4e and I am back playing around in emacs…

Wenn du mit deinem Kind für eine Klassenarbeit lernst und feststellst, dass min. eins der Arbeitsblätter aus der Schule mehrere Fehler abgedruckt hat…

Harry Connolly recently released the eBooks which I backed (The Iron Gate and The Flood Circle) from the 20 Palaces-series.

I can really recommend the series. The books are good light reads set in an interesting urban fantasy-setting.

For people who use #beorg and #workingcopy on #iOS: You can set up an Automation that runs on closing beorg and will automatically commit and push. #shortcuts #automation

Things I won’t understand: here macOS have a CD with mp3s.

macOS: nope. Finder vomits, rsync breaks because file vanishes.

Here Linux take the same USB-DVD-drive I just used with the same CD.

Linux: Thanks, I will happily rsync them for you. Do you need anything else?

I made it to a magic circle meeting after several months of not being able to go. I am finally a member and suddenly I cannot find the time to go the meetings :(