Oh! Mad Max: Fury Road ist bei Netflix DE gelandet

What did you do sunday evening?

I installed mosh, which updated OpenSSL which meant that I took the shotgun and shot myself into the foot

FYI: Cowboy Bebop gibt es bei Netflix DE aktuell

Watched the Daft Punk-documentary “Daft Punk Unchained”. Yep, the robots are awesome.

FreeBSD can be a throwback to the good, old times. I just needed 90 minutes to set up a printer >_<

TIL: Sarah M Gellar has nowadays a company that sells baking mixes oO

I wanted to give Trello a chance but not being able to get more notifications of due dates (at least when it becomes due) is a showstopper

That also means that I am now Linux-free except one server which I want to keep on CentOS for testing-purposes and everything else runs *BSD

I set now the laptop up with TrueOS. The only issues that remain are resume and not having glitches graphics that force me to reboot and accidental trackpad-input.
HardenedBSD 12-Current already started to make problems with the Wifi-chip which didn’t get recognized for whatever reason. And when it already starts out that way, I do not necessarily want to go further…