I added today the task “Develop master plan for 2018” onto my todo-list for tomorrow…
1.5 weeks left until vacation \o/

Script to “centralize” checking for updates on FreeBSD

I have to administrate several FreeBSD-servers and I need to know which servers need updates. Eveen though I have a poudriere running, I also have a local ports-tree on the machines because they are either not using the poudriere because they are not migrated to it yet or there was some reason to have a locally compiled package.
Now I want to know daily which servers need package-updates and if any server has packages that have known CVEs. Thus I update the index of the portstree daily with the following cronjob for root:

0 3 * * * portsnap -I cron updateI have several “classes” of servers, thus I want mails for every class of server. For each class I have a cronjob like this in my personal crontab (or you could put it on one of your servers):
0 6 * * 1-5 /usr/local/scripts/check_for_updates.sh class1The user needs to be able to log into each server with an ssh-key.


case $1 in
SERVERS="server1 server2"
SERVERS="server3 server4 server5"
SERVERS="privateserver1 privateserver2"

for i in $SERVERS; do
  echo "$i:" >> $TMPFILE
  update_count=`ssh $i "pkg version" | grep \< | wc -l`
  if [ $update_count -gt 0 ]; then
    echo "$i needs $update_count updates" >> $TMPFILE
    ssh $i "pkg version" | grep \< >> $TMPFILE
    echo "" >> $TMPFILE
    echo "" >> $TMPFILE
    ssh $i "pkg audit" >> $TMPFILE
    echo "$i needs no updates" >> $TMPFILE
  echo "" >> $TMPFILE
  echo "" >> $TMPFILE

mail -s "$1 update status" $MAILADDRESS < $TMPFILE

mail -s "$1 update status" $MAILADDRESS < $TMPFILE

Yeah, the certificate from my university came and I have now officially a Magister. And in good old Magister-tradition I needed 20+ semesters 😉

And tonight I will fill out the application for starting a B.Sc.-program in Computer Science 🙂

Ich glaube ich habe gerade das erste Mal bewusst den Gender-* benutzt

Some very nifty ssh-tips in this article:

Order pizza from vim: https://github.com/arithran/vim-pizza

Ok, Bud Spencer und Terence Hill auf Italienisch zu sehen ist ungewohnt.

Well, FML. macOS 10.13, root-problem published. I set a root-password. I install Security 2017-001 which should fix the problem. I couldn’t even unlock with the set pw, thought I mistyped. I installed 10.13.1 and root works without a password again. Thanks Apple!

And his wive is actually the one who makes the career and he has to move with her and not the other way around. And she looks like a „normal“ woman not like some super sexed up doll. #diehard