Since kids can unlock their parents iPhone Xs with FaceID I can’t wait for the news coming out when the first kid emptied their parents credit card with in-app purchases.

And now the migration assistant fucks up. Once upon a time Intold people to get Macs because “It just works”
Apple what happened to you?

Ha, I have an „alias -s py=python“ in my zshrc
That‘s why it is not working

What the hell? The shebang-works when called from bash but not in zsh? Oo

I am on Fedora 27 and a #!/usr/bin/env python3 gives me #python 2.7 according to sys.version

But when I run env python3 in the shell it shows me python 3.6


Woohoo, I have a booting system again. Let’s get this data from the backup again onto the system. Via USB 2……

An installation- or major upgrade fuck up makes you hate probably any operating system…

Now I try a clean install of High Sierra from a USB-stick. Let’s see if this works out :/

Yep, crash with the same problem. A couple of hours wasted. Now to the USB-installer. Meh. It needs ages to download with this slow connection. Thanks Apple for showing me what is great about the BSDs and Linux. #macos #update