Moved from ports to pkg…besides being a bit of pita, it broke Podlove. I have no idea why but suddenly having podlove activated will blank out this site. I wonder why…Well, I’ve opened an issue…

But moving to ports allows me faster updates I have to think about less. And I don’t have special options activated anyways. I use up a bit more space but that’s it. I am running RELEASE anyways…

Ok…the whole thing feels broken now 🙁 #microblog

Let’s see if the experience of the is better than with my Drafts/Workflow-solution

@help how can I search for users in the iPhone-app? I found something on the website but nothing in the app :/

‪The IPv6-address of one of my servers ends on :2bad‬
‪And I wonder what “bad prefixlen” should mean m)‬
‪:2bad prefixlen 64 autoconf…‬

@help is there any way to find people in the app by searching their name?

Maybe I should have yet another look into Jekyll et al. My yearly switch to a static blog for some time 😉

And on today’s program: finding new ways to make spammers life harder #lesigh

Using Blink Shell on iOS with mosh on the Berlin subway is a huuuuge improvement over using some ssh-client.

Great that I didn’t request a refund for the shell I bought. It was a pbcak-error (and maybe a UI-problem) and not a software-problem.

And on that matter I can recommend Blink for iOS as a mosh-client.