TIL: 42 in the ASCII-table is * Did Douglas Adams chose that on purpose? Then the answer would finally make sense to me. #hhgttg

Und noch ein kurzer Kommentar: so viel ist kaputt gerade und dass ein ÖR-Sender sich vor Nazis wegduckt macht mir Sorgen.

Ich schaue zum ersten Mal 4Blocks. Das Heftigste ist irgendwie, dass das dauernd Gegenden sind in denen ich häufig bin.

I didn’t expect that something like this exists: a numeric keypad with RGB-backlit mechanical keys and a display, so that you can use it as a simple calculator. A bit expensive though imho. Still, I kind of want one now.


Starting to grow a beard. Not sure if I like it or not 🤔

It has been 20 years since I have read Lord of the Rings. And I am really enjoying it again. I am not a big fan of Fantasy per se but Tolkien’s way of storytelling is great.

If you liked the Lego Advent Calendar that gets built each year for my kids (for the last 6 years, getting bigger each year), you can find all posts here: https://niels.kobschaetzki.net/category/legoadvent/

I tried to write XMAS…

Merry Christmas

When I select “Trending” in the YouTube-app I alway have to doubt humanity while I scroll through those videos…

Day 23 - Part 7

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My wife made Christmas presents for the family. But two glasses stay with us \o/ I❤️Kimchi