Wie Google seine Karte baut.

The Atlantic hat einen Artikel veröffentlicht, der beschreibt wie Google seine Karten baut, da das erhaltene Material nur suboptimal ist und eine Menge Nacharbeit erfolgen muss.

On first inspection, this data looks great. The roads look like they are all there and you've got the freeways differentiated. This is a good map to the untrained eye. But let's look closer. There are issues where the digital data does not match the physical world. I've circled a few obvious ones below.

Und wenn ich mir das so ansehe, bezweifel ich, dass die Kartenanwendung in iOS6 da viel reißen wird.

I came away convinced that the geographic data Google has assembled is not likely to be matched by any other company. The secret to this success isn't, as you might expect, Google's facility with data, but rather its willingness to commit humans to combining and cleaning data about the physical world.