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  • …apparently she didn’t sleep in her bed while shots were fired. The main questions for me are did police announce themself and why do people all the time carry guns with themselves around? Or is the case different from what The NY Times reported?

  • And one police office was at the outside and shot through the wall (seriously wtf?) and hit her, instead one of the cops in the apartment. And police cared about their own people first. The whole thing is fucked up, especially how the police missed important parts but…

  • What I do not get with Brennan Taylor after listening to The Daily: why do people say that she slept in her bed while she got shot? Apparently police invaded (loud or not), boyfriend was carrying and shot at the police, Breonna was next to him and police shot back.

  • Any tips and tricks I should or shouldn’t do with Tiefling bard I start playing soon? I don’t plan to play the always horny bard #dnd

  • So, Make America Medival Again?

    Listening to the Daily and that republicans really do not keep “standards” they set themselves and that the US is setting itself up to illegalize abortion if possible.

  • I didn’t expect that deferring a todo to a later point of time in the day and how it is reflected in the badge of the todo-app is that important to me. A real advantage of #OmniFocus in comparison to #Things But I really like the Today/Evening-thing of Things.

  • DnD Beyond is pretty cool for character generation. But why can’t I manage equipment and stuff in the app itself but have to use the “Go to website”-button? :/

  • I have to hand in a .docx at work for some texts. Thus I fought today with word processors. But now I found out that pandoc can convert to .docx and here is a decent thesaurus-vim-plugin: github.com/Ron89/the…

    Back to plain text and neovim :D

  • Serious question: if healthcare insurance is usually provided through the job in the US: what happens when you become unable to work (case A: accident at work, case B: accident outside of work, case C: sudden development of some serious disease)?

  • I wonder why Trump didn’t introduce The Purge yet via executive order…

  • Woohoo. Booked the family vacation in Denmark. :D

    Just 10 hours in trains per trip >_<

  • There are insult generators for vicious mockery. I wished there was one for German. But I will definitely use those from the insult sowed fighting from Monkey Island. #dnd

  • I finally figured out how to solve a cube without using a cheat sheet. Even the last algorithms aren’t necessary anymore. Let’s see if it still works tomorrow.

  • Today was a hard day in my vegan, because of health-reasons, life. My wife made Chicken Katsudon and I couldn’t eat it. Usually I don’t have problems with eating vegan but tonight was really hard >_<

  • I built now my new DnD-character (a Tiefling Bard). Now I am thinking about commissioning some art.

  • Politics at the dinner table…trying to explain the 9-year old the gist of the Cold War, communism, socialism and capitalism…

  • I still have to look a couple of things up but I am now constantly sub 5 minutes with a 3x3-Rubik’s cube and sometimes even under 3 minutes. Nothing in comparison to speedcubers but I am slowly getting better :)

  • Just finished watching season 5 of Rita. That season was definitely different. I really liked the season and the series in total that guessing by the final scene found its end. Great that all character plots got resolved. I am a sucker for happy endings :)

  • I was excited about Lowlife 2090. And now I see it is D20-based :/ Maybe the Kickstarter is interesting for someone else though. Shadowrun but D20.


  • Cobra Kai is now on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, do it. Especially if you liked Karate Kid. This series is so great!

  • I just found Mobile Frame Zero. A tactical tabletop game with Lego and manuals for building LEGO-mechs


  • Strahd is defeated, Barovia is saved, the heroes can return home. The campaign is over after ca. 2 years (monthly games plus Corona-interruption). Let’s see what comes next #cos #dnd #ttrpg

  • I finally solved my rubik’s cube. Apparently when I broke it one time, I assembled it not correctly and brought it into an unsolvable configuration. Figured it only out because of a rubik’s cube solver.

  • Current state of solving a Rubik’s cube: I somehow make it to the yellow cross and then I am giving away to despair.

  • There should be something like Lego Star Wars-scene sets. I.e. a Death Star and a dozen tiny tie fighters and some small X- and Y-Wings. And everything prepared so that you can suspend them from a ceiling or so.