vim is a text-editor I use a lot in my daily work. I even wrote my whole thesis with it. Most of the notes I do on my computer I do in vim, when I configure software I use vim, when I rarely code I use vim. The reason for me to start mutt, a console-based e-mail-client, was that it allowed me to use vim for writing e-mails[footnote]Nowadays I appreciate mutt for itself as well and each time I try something else, I switch back to mutt pretty fast.[/footnote]. Some time ago I found a presentation I finally watched which explains some nice-tricks you can do without using plug-ins:

  • file-search
  • tag-jumping
  • auto-completion
  • file system navigation and some more

I knew some of the stuff already but the talk was interesting nonetheless. If you use vim, watch it. And if you want more I can really recommend Practical Vim by Drew Neil.