There seems to be a new method to extract money via spam. This is the mail I got today:

Hi there.

I hope you will not really mind my english language sentence structure, because im from Germany. I toxified your gadget with a malware and now have your private information out of your os.

It previously was installed on a mature web site and then you’ve selected the video clip and it, my software quickly got into your os.

After that, your camera captured you going manual, furthermore i captured a footage that you have viewed.

Soon after a short while in addition, it picked up every one of your device contact information. If you ever wish me to get rid of your all that i have - transfer me 840 euros in bitcoin it is a cryptocurrency. It is my wallet address: 1K5CPpzHABZ7JXYDC7JRjok2a2FAerks6L

At this point you have 21hours. to make a decision The minute i will get the transfer i will eliminate this evidence and every thing thoroughly. Otherwise, please remember that this evidence is going to be forwarded to your friends.

I like how the domain it comes from is registered with an organization called “Volatile Game Cult”, and the IP it came from is of course Russian and I guess the wallet was opened just for this e-mail since it has no transactions yet.

I wonder what I can do because reporting it to the authorities will do exactly nothing I guess. I kind of dare to answer with something like “lol” and wait for the response. But should I do that or are there any dangers that might come with it? Mmm…