What is Netflix doing? First they disappoint with Cobra Kai Season 3, now I watched Sabrina Part 4 and it is disappointing again. Did they cut the budget of the show for Part 4? I really like monster of the week-shows.

The monsters in part 4 were biggies on paper. But they were so weak. There was not a single really cool fleshed out one. Just hurry through those monsters. They would have fared better probably if they would have built them all up over the episodes and then they kill them in the final two episodes with the big end at the end.

The four riders of the apocalypse and all the other big stuff in Supernatural was so much cooler. The first apppearnace of Death was so cool. I have to be honest though. I stopped with season 8 or so because it became to much over the top. Supernatural was planned around 5 seasons if I remember correctly and then they extended it endlessly. One thing I love about Battlestar Galactica for example. It was built around 5 seasons. And then they finished it.

The final season of Buffy was so much more like a final season. And Buffy had the Gentlemen. The only monster of the week that comes close to the Weeping Angels of Doctor Who.

Why Netflix? Why do you disappoint me so much lately?