Thinking again about the 1password-crypto-thing. And I hope I am not trying here to justify convenience over principals after failing to set up Bitwarden on one of my servers next to other service while using nftables instead of iptables ;)

In the end AgileBits only added a new password-item with a couple of new fields, didn’t they? Actually Phantom could add those custom fields by themself.

And this phantom-wallet-thing just added a button that jumps into your 1password and adds a new item and uses that item instead of its own storage? And they are just using the 1Password Connect API?

Reading this article on Cointelegraph it looks mainly like marketing-BS from AgileBits to be honest.

So, how does AgileBits gets into the cryptocurrency/NFT-space? They don’t do anything actually, do they? They created a blog post that some wallet-provider added 1Password Connect API-usage in their browser extension. And then AgileBits-marketing thought “hey, all the craze is about crypto-whatever these days, let’s speak with them and make a blog post about it because those Solana-people might be new market to cater to”. For some reason they didn’t see the controversy Blockchain-related things have nowadays embedded - especially NFTs. I don’t see them retract this “partnership” because what could they do? Withdraw API-access? Write “yeah, Crypto-things are stupid, we think so, too, sorry.” and then Phantom can still use 1Password.

In the end I think it is more or less just a marketing-thing - an imho very stupid marketing-thing, but a marketing-thing. Or does AgileBits started to push money or other major resources into this thing? Maybe I just overreacted becaues cryptocurrency-related things are kind of triggering because they should imho be forbidden since they do nothing useful besides being a means of exchange for criminal activities, being a speculative tool and being a ponzi-scheme and while being that they are destroying the environment - be it through sheer use of power consumption or using up other resources that could be used far more productively (like hard disks and their base resources). Would they partner up with Nestle or the Coca Cola-company, I would react kind of irritated but not the same way I reacted to the Phantom-announcement. And those two companies are even worse than any cryptocurreny.

But maybe, just maybe I am trying to justify convenience over principals. And that’s why we we have all the plastic trash in the oceans…

I started though looking for alternatives for me and my family. I could go back to pass, for other members of my familys things like the iCloud Keychain could be enough. Or I spin up a new machine and get Bitwarden up and running. Or start using Keepass with decent apps and sync it with webdav and have some shared files with other family members. Or have a look at secrets. Or whatever…

It gave me at least a push to look into alternatives again. One step at a time AgileBits is loosing me again as a customer.