Prompt: Create a mission with NPCs and opposition for Shadowrun 6

Response: Sure! Here is a mission idea for Shadowrun 6:

Mission: The Heist


Mr. Johnson:

The mysterious employer who hires the player characters (PCs) for the job. He is willing to pay top dollar for a successful heist, but is tight-lipped about the details of the target.

Marcus “The Mole” Thompson:

A skilled infiltrator and hacker, Marcus is the PC’s inside man for the heist. He will provide the team with the necessary information and access codes to complete the job.

###Sam “The Muscle” Johnson: A seasoned street samurai, Sam is hired by the PCs as additional firepower for the heist.


The target of the heist is a high-security corporate research facility, guarded by state-of-the-art security systems and a team of skilled security personnel. The PCs will also have to contend with rival shadowrunners who are also after the valuable research being guarded by the facility.

As the PCs attempt to make their escape with the stolen goods, they will be pursued by corporate security forces and possibly even a team of heavily armed mercenaries.

The PCs will have to use their skills in hacking, infiltration, and combat to overcome these obstacles and successfully complete the heist.

Good luck!

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