I am getting the hang of using ansible for managing my dotfiles. That might make things even easier than using stow or chezmoi. And I might be able to use that knowledge for more.

Day 24 #24daysofLego

I am looking into ansible (usually I use saltstack) and now I wonder how you keep a record of which user did what when. With salt I have the log for sudo on the saltmaster. But what do you do when using ansible?

Day 23 #24daysofLego

Day 22 #24daysofLego

And now: One of the better movies :)

Big Trouble in Little China

We prepared ourself for the grandparent-visits with antigene-tests and FFP2-masks. But now all agreed that there won’t be any visits so that there is no risk in the first place :)

There is Facetime et al. these days and we can have a nice getogether when the numbers are better.

Day 21 #24daysofLego

I did it! I made it through episode 9. Now I have to finally watch at some point episode 2. That’s the only one I never fully watched.

I either fell asleep or had to stop it because I didn’t want to waste more of my life time. #starwars

Star Wars 7-9: Let’s remake Star Wars 4-6 but with longer fighting and battle scenes and make it more EPIC!!!!1!1!1!!1!!

And wham it sucks.

I hope Kenobi will be as good as The Mandalorian.

Blockbuster movies really need to cut down on these endless battle and fighting scenes.

Day 20 #24daysofLego

Rise of Skywalker is a pretty bad movie…and I’m just like 30 minutes in.

Wait, what? First the Space Force steals their emblem from Star Trek and now they call themselves Guardians (of the Galaxy)? What’s next? Battle Stars and Boas during Star Wars?

Day 19 #24daysofLego

Next level fan service by Disney. That was unexpected. #Mandalorian

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Day 14 #24daysofLego

And the most important skill in this #DnD-session was: Persuasion

All hail to the Bard! (which is me ;) )

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